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About Akkm


The architectural design studio “AKKM & ASSOCIATES – ARCHITECTURE & URBAN DESIGN” started its activity in 1992. It has undertaken and developed a variety of architectural studies and surveys as well as small to medium-scale constructions.
The main goal of the office is to compile a complete architectural design for each project and to consistently supervise its construction based on the rules of modern architectural approach and techniques. In this direction, it is important to investigate the parameters of the building regulations, so that they adapt to the requirements of architectural design without defining it.
Architectural design results from a complex data processing process that has to do with the location, building program, and the available techno-economic resources of each project. During the preliminary study, alternative proposals are identified and through a selective process with the parties involved, the optimal solution emerges. Further processing shows the license dossier as well as the construction plans required for the implementation of the project.
At the same time, the office also deals with the theoretical and practical exploration of architecture through its participation in Greek and international competitions as well as collaborations with other offices of architects in Greece and abroad.
Specifically, collaborations with the following architectural offices are mentioned:
1. T. Biris, D. Biris, P. Kokkoris, M. Katsaros, for the Architectural Competition for the new National Bank of Greece Building Administration on
Eolou and Sofokleous streets, 1998
2. Arata Isosaki & Associates, Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop & Development Studies Company Ltd. For the Architectural Design Contest for the Urban and Architectural Design of the Olympic Village of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, 1999-2000
3. Costas Kondylis & Associates for the Architectural Preliminary Design of AA Hotel in Ioannina, 2001
4. J.Teater-Architects for the Master Plan and the complete architectural study of 14 New Two-storey Residences (Tourist Villages) with Underground and Swimming Tanks on an area of 100 acres in Fokos-Ano Mera, Mykonos, 2002-2005
The organization of the office is based on the flexible collaboration of freelance architect engineers, who are called upon to set up a creative team on the subject, according to the particular requirements of the project being undertaken.
Office projects have been distinguished in competitions and published in domestic and foreign magazines and sites.

Who we are

• Dipl. Architect Eng., Dept of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, 1991
• M. Arch., Graduate School of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania, 1992
Urban Design Certificate, G.S.F.A. University of Pennsylvania, 1995
• Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (R.N. 60172)
• Public Works Degree class C – Category 6 (Architectural Studies)
& Category 7 (Specialized architectural Studies), (R.N. 10801)
• Member of the representatives of the Technical Chamber of Greece 2010
• Member of the organizing committee of the 11th Pan-Hellenic Architectural Conference and the Committee of Parallel Events
• Coordinator of the: “Architecture in Schools Program”

• 1990, DESIGN GROUP Β.Κ.SGOUTAS LTD – Architects:
a. part of construction documents for “The Athens Concert Hall”
b. feasibility study for the “Athens Education Centre”
• 1993 – 1995, Hellenic Navy, Naval Training Command, Dept. of Naval Public Works
a. Design for an extension of the Naval Training Command
b. Design for an extension of the Hellenic Naval Academy of Petty officers
c. Design for an extension of the Sanatorium at the Training Centre of Palaskas
d. Master plan for the Underwater Demolition Command in collaboration with Α. Kaloyannis
• Scientific Advisor to the Member of European Parliament I.averoff on issues concerning Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Economically technical matters. (2002 – 2004)
• Scientific Advisor – Coordinator for the Egnatia Epirus Foundation on behalf of EGNATIA ODOS A.E. “Specialized Preliminary Techno economic Evaluation of the Transportation Service between Metsovo & Anelio in view of the completion of the Egnatia Highway”. (2003 – present)
• Partner in “Victor Abakoumkin and Associates Partnership”, since 1990
• Partner in “Victor Abakoumkin – Fotis. Tsoulos and Associates Partnership”, since 2009

• State foundation Scholarship for Academic Performance in N.T.U.A
• Eugenides foundation Scholarship for post professional degree studies
• U.Penn-Bochius fellowship for Architectural studios in
France / Switzerland and Italy
• U. Penn – Frank Miles Day Memorial Award on Architectural Theory, 1992

• Architect Eng. School of Architecture and Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, (1992)
• Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (R.N. 64078)
• Public Works Degree class A – Category 6 (Architectural Studies)
& Category 7 (Specialized architectural Studies), (R.N. 11850)

• 1989 – 1990, S. MOLFESIS – Architects

• Architect Eng. School of Architecture and Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, (1993)
• Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, (R.N.66830)

• 1988 – 1989, T. Biris, D. Biris and P. Kokoris, Architects:
1. Construction Detail Study for the “New Administration Centre in
1. b. Participation in the Pan-Hellenic Architectural Competition for the “Municipal Camping Centre”, at Konthi-Belesi, Trizinia, 1st Prize
• 1990 – 1991, A. Demopoulos, K. Saiti, A. Christodoulea, Architects
on the Construction Detail Study for the “New Town Hall of Philadelphia, Athens”.
• 1991 – 1992, P.Palios – Architects
on the Construction Detail Study for the “Theatre and Cultural Centre of Corinth”.
• 1992, T. Kanareli & Associates – Architects
• 1992, E. Apostolidis & Associates – Architects
• 1993 – 1995, Hellenic Navy – Skaramangas, Underwater Demolition
Command Dept. of Naval Public Works.